Assignment 1: A personal still life.

All the objects in the Still Life carry nostalgia for me.  They are all old, acquired on a trip with my husband to Romania, Czechoslovakia and Hungary in the late 1960’s.  They have particularly strong associations as we were in Bratislava when the Russians invaded.

The hand-painted plate and cup and saucer were seconds given to us by some Romanian peasants. The jug was also a gift and the pot was purchased. These objects have been in my kitchen (which seems to be the centre of the household) for  nearly 40 years now so they are a reminder of the past.

I used black ink with a brush and reed pen and charcoal as I thought this combination could create a variety of tones and textures.  The most difficult thing for me was the accurate rendering of the objects – I find circles and ellipses particularly challenging.  However I was pleased that the mixed media  produced an expressive drawing. I could see there was more to be done but have been told in the past by tutors that I tend to overwork pieces. As I was told it’s easy to ‘finish the drawing off’ .

I think my main areas to improve are more accurate observations , better drawing of shapes and the rendering of more subtle tones at times. assignment 1

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