Part 2 Exercise 1 Compositional sketches of man-made objects.

Initially I chose six objects that had been given to me and which I liked . The most recent was a moving monkey acquired yesterday with my 20 month old granddaughter at the Bethnal  Green Museum of Childhood.

I tried 4 different compositions – 2 landscape and 2 portrait orientation. Less objects  in a square format seemed to create the best composition -I decided this through intuition. The jug, a small one in relation to other jugs, actually looked large in these sketches – larger than I had realized.   The objects were strongly lit  in a darkened room so creating strong shadows .. thumbnail sketches4 sketches in pencil trying out different compositions and arrangements of objects.

square formatSquare format worked best but still unsure about the large jug – perhaps if I enlarge this I might leave it out.

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