Part 3, Exercise 3.

Study of several trees on A1 size paper.

Given the dismal weather I decided to sit in the garden and draw the 3 trees behind and at the side of the shed. They were tall so required a lot of looking up. I was able to use a dip pen and brown ink to which I added a little charcoal. Challenging but felt I had captured something of their size and grandeur and the contrast of the thin tree to the left of the shed compared to the older other two trees. .

What techniques did you use to distinguish the trees ?

I used different weights of line and a lighter tone to distinguish the far left tree from the other, chunkier ones.

How did you convey the mass of foliage and the spaces inbetween?

The trees had lost most of their leaves but there was foliage inbetween (bushes) that were indicated by a darker tone. In order to convey the thin twigs between the branches I looked at the negative spaces. I indicated the twigs by the use of a thinner nib on a dip pen. Also left some of the white paper to express lightness.

How did you manage to select and simplify?

It was impossible to draw everything so what helped was to sketch in the overall shape of the tree and stress dark and light tones.

Looked at Samuel Palmers drawings of trees and trees in landscape – intend to copy one – they are powerful, expressive drawings- wonderful.

Part 3, Study of several trees


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