Another try at my 2nd Assignment.

ASSIGNMENT 2- KITCHEN TALKFirst attempt at Kitchen talk for assignment  – tutor suggested I had another go.

Kitchen talk – Part 2 – Second Assignment.

The viewpoint was the same as my first drawing.

However I altered the shape slightly and made the overall size smaller. I left out the semi-circular sweep.  This time I put emphasis on the sink, the chairs, the curtains and the objects. The foreground figure was slightly different but I left it in because it led one’s eye towards the other  figure.

However, having left this second attempt drawing and come back to it a day later I thought it still did not work because of the strong dark shape towards the centre of the composition. I tried  variations, adding and subtracting some of the collage and removing the dark central shape  until I alighted on a better composition.  It now had more texture and abstract qualities but could still be read as a conversation in a kitchen.Assifgnment 2 second try - ist attempt


Assignment 2 -final go 0n  Kitchen jtalk

This is my final try.

Research – Looked at Braque collages in which there is always a strong composition.  For example:guitar fruit and pitcher by Braque. this  piece has unity and focus through the use of subtle colour, line and tone. It ‘holds together’ as it were with everything seeming to be in the right place.


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