Ex. 3. Aerial or atmospheric perpective.

I  chose a view looking down a hill into Canterbury – the horizon appeared blurred and misty – it was 3.30 in the afternoon so soon to get dark.

I used various shades of blue watercolour pencils to establish gradations of tone – the difficulty was making it gradual.  When I had mapped out all the main shapes in the landscape I added some browns, blacks and yellows in the foreground and made the nearest tree the darkest of all. A figure walking a dog came by and I put him in – although I made him larger than he should have been I left it as  I felt he linked with the atmosphere of the rest of the drawing.

Aerial or atmospheric perspective

I moved to another view in which Canterbury cathedral was in the distance. This time I used charcoal , white chalk and a little conte. In order to make the cathedral and surrounding fields and houses look distant I added quite a lot of white chalk. I then added conte to the foreground to emphasise it. What was interesting was the undulating land in this view and the artificial mounds that had been man-made. The fir tree in the foreground was useful as it clearly marked the foreground.



Aerial or atmospheric perspective 2nd drawing



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