Ex. 3. Perspective- looking down.

Looking down. I chose a view of the shed in our garden which I looked down on from an upstairs window. The garden has a bank so  I was looking at 2 sheds in adjoining gardens that were at the top of the bank of our garden and were at my eye level. Behind the shed were houses above us .   Realised these different levels create interest.

I sketched in the main shapes and lines and then added colour through watercolour pencils. Lots of trees and bushes.  Possibly too crowded a composition and felt that  I could make more of the light on the roof of the shed and the chinks of light peeping through the undergrowth.Two variegated evergreen shrubs (piitsporium)in the garden could add variety to the picture.  Try again using dip pen and ink.

Perspectival view from above - a window



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