Assignment 3

An outdoor scene of my choice.

I made a lot of preliminary work for this assignment and thinking about what I had produced led me to look again at the landscapes of Edward Burra, Mark Gertler and David Jones.  I acquired a book on the latter and made a transcription of one of his works that helped me think more imaginatively about how to use my initial sketches.

I had two goes at my final piece and decided that the work without the figure was the one which most fulfilled the criteria for Assignment 3.  This was because the bus shelter and the building to the right of the picture provided some straight lines, and the fields, shrubs and trees made a contrast and were of course natural objects. The view looked into the distance in which shapes were indistinct and the coloursPrelimidnary studies for Assignment 3 amorphous and tending towards blue.  The red in the sky that I observed on one of the afternoons when I was sketching seemed an interesting element to include.

Assignment 3 – first try.(pencil, watercolour, gouache, pen and ink.)Assignment 3 - first try.jpg


Final piece for Assignment 3. (Pencil, gouache, pastel and dip pen and ink)

Assignment 3- An outdoor scene of my choice.jpg




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