Reflections on tutor’s comments

March  17th – weather good and decided to have another go at Assignment 3 ‘An Outdoor Scene’ as feedback had suggested this.

I used watercolour pencils both dry and wet and a limited palette as I thought  there was too much  colour in my original piece. I left out the bus shelter which I had rendered  inaccurately in my original piece.  The tree looks too bright in the photo, it is actually a  more subdued red  in my drawing.

Assignment 3 revised: ‘An Outdoor Scene’.   Project 3 Final assignment-second go

Original piece for Assignment 3 with a bus shelter.

Assignment 3- An outdoor scene of my choice


Tutor report –  I was disappointed that I’d mistakenly marked my blog private so my tutor was not able to comment. This was entirely my fault but I would have benefited from feedback.

Feedback to think about:

The perspective in my final assignment was wrong so a bus shelter was initially interpreted as a table top. I will work on this again and leave out the bus shelter in both pictures.

Pointers for next block is to be more careful with my drawing of figures- ‘slow down and look more carefully’. Edward Ardizzone and Honore Daumier are two artists suggested to look at – I love both these artists  – saw the Daumier exhibition at the RA a few years ago.

Also a suggestion to visit the  Nickolai Astrup exhibition at Dulwich – I have already planned to go  as the paintings look interesting.I lived for a time in this area and used to regularly visit Dulwich gallery.



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