PART 4 Project 1

Fabric and form.

Research point: Titian – Portrait of a man.

Mary Acton  (1997, Learning to look at Paintings, Routledge) draws the reader’s attention to how the form is defined by the clothes.  As she says: Titian looks for the structure of the body within and the way it affects the shape of the sleeve and expresses the sensual quality of the material.


DSC_0210 (1)

Fabric and Form.

Ex 1 Drawing fabric using line and tone.

Volume was easier to create in tone rather than line because the darker areas helped define the form.

drawing fabric using lineFabric and form -Ex 1 drawing fabric using line and tone

Ex. 2. Emphasising form with cloth.

A seated figure in baggy clothes.

Chris - Part 4 ex 2 emphasising form with cloth

Chris has very long legs and didn’t manage to get the feet in.

His baggy jersey clung round his form so that in drawing it helped to define what was underneath.  He uses his hands a lot to speak and I would like to capture this in the future as it is a marked characteristic.

I went onto to do a pen and ink drawing.  A little disappointed in both as I didn’t manage to get a likeness but felt I had captured something of a presence. pen and ink of Chris


Ex 1 drawing fabric and tone


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