Project 6 Ex. 2 Your own face.

Exhibition visited – Nikolai Astrup at Dulwich picture gallery.

I was struck in this exhibition by the way Astrup linked paintings and prints.  The coloured prints looked like paintings and the paintings at times inspired prints.  The large garden oil paintings with figures reminded me of the work of Vuillard.

I found the black and white self-portrait interesting with its range of marks that added up to an expressive figure. It’s encouraged me to have a try at making some lino prints from one of my self-portrait drawings.

Two self-portraits.

I stood for one portrait and sat for the other.  I found it helpful to start with the eyes otherwise the shape of the head was difficult to get accurate.

My first attempt – in my sketchbook was with black and grey inktense pencils to which I added a wash. I felt this first sketch was too square on and background was minimal because not much was visible although standing in a hall.Project 6 - First self-portrait done in sketchbook.jpg

2nd attempt was rendered in charcoal and decided on a different spot sitting at a table with a wall quite close behind me.  This time the tilt of the head was exaggerated but still nearer to the way I hold my head. Other people thought there was a glimpse of a likeness .Project 6 Self-portrait - second of ktwoResearch point – self-portraits.


Joan Eardley when young – the light touch and colours gives it a feeling of time passing.

practise of painting eardley

John Minton – self-portrait.  Tone and line combine to create this portrait of

a troubled artist.

John minton self-portrait

John Constable- self-portrait.

john constable self-portrait John Constable needed two mirrors to make his graphite self-portrait in 1806 – the freedom of line that he used makes it look quite modern .




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