Reflections on the Figure and Face.

Drawing from a life model has helped me with proportions and with developing my observational skills. Drawings of my own hands and feet  showed me I was capable of more detail than I can manage when faced with just a short time limit. I  enjoyed doing self-portraits and making up all sorts of expressions. I shall continue to attend life-classes because these are invaluable in helping me draw from observation.

I am aware there is a strong ‘inward’ element in my drawing that is unconscious but want to hold onto this whilst developing skills.  I am attracted to figures and often include them in paintings and prints so this section has been useful.  Ardizzone, Daumier, Rembrandt, John Minton, Kirchner, Karl Schmidt-Roffluff,  Van Gogh and Delacroix are some of the artists who have inspired me in this section.

I hope the work I have done meets the assessment criteria laid out in the introduction to Drawing 1.






A portrait or self-portrait combining line and tone (any size)

I looked at some of the many self-portraits by Rembrandt and was inspired to draw myself making different expressions. This was fun and I found different media produced different effects.  I showed my 6 studies to a friend and she confirmed that the study most like me was the top left hand one rendered in reed and dip pen and sepia ink.

Assignment 4 Self portrait studies


So for my final piece I made a pen and ink study below.

Assignment 4- 3 A self-portrait combining line and tone