Reflections on Part 4- Jim’s comments

Thinking about feedback ..

The Figure and the Face.


Advice:  Slow down – look closely –try different media such as compressed charcoal and oil pastels – use more fixative.

Jim recommended this you tube site:

How to use the Measuring Technique with Phelim Donfield, Artist, Dublin, is the one Jim recommended.

This site is helpful and  I will pursue drawing from the model on some of these sites  Some advice given by the teacher :

  1. Establish the perimeters of the figures and lightly sketch in – so have a shape rather like a gift wrap .
  2. Horizontal and vertical measurements leave less room for error than measuring by angles.

3    Relationship of sizes important – look for these eg. Are there parts of the body the same length as the head – is the distance from the elbow to hand similar to another part – and so on.

4 Negative shapes will give a more unbiased evaluation because they are easier to see. E.g. the shape made between the top of the legs.

5.   Make construction lines light.

6.   Do longer drawings for accuracy,  short drawings for  expression.

I was encouraged that Jim liked the sketchbook I had made and will make another one for Assignment 5. This will mean my preliminary work (apart from larger pieces) is all in one place which will be helpful for me in the future.

As usual Jim sent me some  great pictures to learn from and look at – a stunning portrait of John Minton by Lucien Freud. Richard Diebenkorn – love the figure drawing .  Other suggestions which I will follow up are to visit the National Portrait Gallery – exhibition of Russian portraits – and then the BP National Portrait Award.

Also re-do the picture of Lois and make the body bigger and add fixative and re-work some of the figure drawings.


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