Assignment 5- some ideas for preliminary work.

Preliminary Work

To explore the subject of a child in a garden I first made a continuous line study and a tonal work- all quite quickly drawn.

I tried sketching a  figure and could see that her placing would be important – certainly not right in this initial sketch.

I then went onto make a tonal study and felt there were possibilities  for creating mood. Assignment 5 continuous line and tonal study.jpg

On another day I tried doing a sketchbook walkGarden sketchbook walk for Assignment 5.jpg around the garden in the manner of John Virtue using a watercolour  black pencil to create dramatic tones. I liked a particular angle with the shed receding and the foliage all around it. Robert Colquhoun’s Church Lench  and Palmer’s A Hilly Walk are both a little mysterious and full of  lush foliage. Experimenting with tissue glued to paper.jpg

Experimenting with Tissue. I had seen a work in a book that featured Craig Peacocks’, Rite f Spring, 1993, mixed media, in which he had created texture by gluing thin sheets of tissue paper onto the support.( Wright, M. (1995, An Introduction to mixed media, p. 34, Dorling Kindersley, London).  The creases of the tissue created pattern and movement . I experimented in my sketchbook and could see possibilities for using this surface for my final piece. I also looked Craig Peacock up and saw that he often uses patterned surfaces. I printed out Flotsam and Jetsam ( ) and put into my sketchbook for reference.   Eardley, Colquhoun and Palmer all use texture in their work with stunning effect .

After feedback from my tutor that many of my drawings were lacking in tonal differences (apart from the sketchbook walk which he thought was successful ) I reworked many of the drawings to emphasise  tonal contrasts. This made the drawings more dramatic.



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