My Final Piece: Assignment 5

Child in a Garden.

My penultimate mixed-media drawing was more sombre than I wanted which may have been because there was not enough tonal variation. So, because of this,  I chose a  warm background to lighten up my final drawing . White  tissue stuck onto thick paper was stained with an ochrish pink. I decided not to use gouache paint this time as there was a danger of this media making the surface too dull.  Instead I used watercolour pencils ,green and pink painted newspaper, sepia, ochre and black ink plus pens and  brushes, oil pastels and soft pastels, charcoal and chalk.  It was a challenge working with all these materials, rather like a juggling act.  I became absorbed and after the initial drawing let my intuition take over. Fom time to time I made objective assessments – was the drawing developing? Was there enough contrast of tone , line and shape? Were shapes and textures working? Were proportions right?  Was there a mood? Was there a feeling of recession and , most importantly, did the whole thing continue to be kept together by a strong design?   I eventually arrived at a  point at which I felt line, shape, texture and tone were working dynamically  to produce an atmospheric drawing. I had needed careful control to reach this point.


Assignment 5 Child in a garden.jpg

I was reminded when working of what Philip Pullman said about drawing:

“The best sort of activity is one that combines mental effort with sensuous delight.  That’s why I love drawing”.   (Oct. 3rd, 2015, Guardian Review )

Feedback from my tutor was that both my penultimate and final assignment ‘showed great possibilities for further development’. As I wanted these works to be the best that I could manage I decided to work on both pictures again.  I started with the penultimate study and , as was suggested, made the figure blend in more with the background and enriched the tones.I followed the advice to darken the left hand top of Assignment 5 so that there would be greater tonal contrast. This led to other alterations and a more dramatic final piece.  The two re-worked coloured drawings are below.

Penultimate study that has been re-worked.  

Penultimate assignment 5 -re-worked


Final re-worked Assignment 5.

Final re-done assignment 5

I felt enthusiastic about this project so decided to make a concertina book of prints of Child in a Garden. This required another lot of drawing. I particularly wanted to capture the child so did several more studies then traced the one I thought might work onto a drypoint card and pulled some prints. I did six different drawings hoping to link each one in the concertina format with the path and have the child at the beginning and the shed at the end of the book.   I was pleased I did it as it has set me off on other ways of developing this subject.

Artist's book for assignment 5.jpg

Drawings of child for artist's bookCompleted artist's book for project 5



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