Preliminary work for Ass. 5.

I became stuck as to how to proceed and had a break from the project -I wasn’t satisfied with the preliminary work and was worried it was uninteresting. I wondered if I had picked the right subject. I was behind with my log and had computer problems so decided to write notes by hand and write up later- as I am doing now.

After a few days I tried a charcoal and pen and ink drawing of Rosa moving – had to be quick and also took a photo for quick reference.  Her concentration as she carried an apple in one hand and a biscuit in the other was something worth working on.  Charocal drawing of Rosa and a monoprint based on this drawing

The charcoal drawing worked better than the pen and ink one.  From this I tried a monoprint and Imonoprint of child in garden.jpg began to feel I had something.  I tried more monoprints of the garden using a pencil but these were a bit messy – however I could now see that my subject had expressive potential.

Penultimate work  

White tissue was glued to a heavyweight paper and left to dry overnight. Then a blue and ochre ink wash was brushed on and left to dry. This created a textured background with folds, dips and lines. By this time I knew the drawing quite well  from memory -and I also I had the drypoint print by me for reference plus the 3 paintings , referred to in my artist’s statement, by Palmer, Colquhoun and Eardley.memory drawing for assignment 5.jpg

I painted various greens in acrylic on newspaper as this surface  tears well ,is thin and easy to stick.  I also collected a few ‘found’ patterns from magazines. A few bits of this paper  I stuck onto the ground at random and was ready to go. I worked between media as much as possible, so a line of ink there, a charcoal smudge here, paint, oil pastel and so on. I think this is important because if one works over the whole of the picture say in pen first, then moves to charcoal, then pastel and so on, there is a danger of producing a monotonous effect. I had discovered that working with a lot of  media means working thoughtfully and slowly.

I became involved with this work as things were happening that I had not anticipated. Although not a transcription Ithe piece seemed to me to have  similarities to Church Lench.

I had not planned it but I tried gluing the figure onto the picture and , to my surprise,  it looked right . However in my final piece I thought the child would be more integrated if drawn in the garden.

I was worried there was not enough tonal contrast and the piece was too sombre, but I wasn’t sure about this so decided I would leave it for a day or two and then criticise it again.  This I did and felt as the lead up to my final piece it worked ok and had given me ideas as to what not to do- the main one being not to use gouache as it had the danger of being too dominant a media. Preliminary study of child in garden.jpg




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