Overall evaluation

Overall Evaluation of Drawing 1. (paper copy also included in my  assessment submission ).

The daily habit of drawing that has been fostered by this course has meant increased fluency and a growing confidence in being able to make a work based on observation.   I need to continue to work at technical skills that are my main weakness.  This means closer looking and slowing down. Accurate proportions, angles and perspective are all things to work on to make my drawings more life-like.

Drawing 1 has made me aware, with the help of my tutor, that a reasonable level of technical ability is necessary to move forward and produce dynamic drawings based on observation. These can then develop creatively in various directions.  Previous to this course I had at times fallen into a way of working that was repetitive and produced monotony. The projects have helped me become more objective in my judgements whilst confirming that imagination and intuition are important.  I love playing with materials and have done quite well with using diverse media. Ironically, a spontaneous looking drawing is often only rendered through careful control.

For some time I have been a keen visitor of art exhibitions but I had not looked carefully at drawings before this module.  Frank Auerbach,   Giocometti,  Nikolai Astrup, and the British museum exhibition of silverpoint drawings made over the last 400 years have been highlights and shown me how versatile drawing can be.

A self-assessment of each part of the course was made in my log for Part 5.  Suffice it to add here that although I have an interest in the figure and the environment I would like to develop drawings on all aspects that the course has covered and do not yet wish to follow any one line of enquiry.

So overall my awareness of composition, line, shape and texture has improved and my observational skills are developing. I have produced some expressive monochromatic work and had some success with collage and mixed media.    Drawing 1 has set me off on a challenging path




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